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Seraphim Pictures is an independent film production company based in South Wales, UK. Formed in January 2006 to produce documentaries, short films and corporate movies, the Company was accredited by the 59th Cannes Film Festival in the same year.


The Company's portfolio to date includes documentaries, short films and music videos with a focus on contemporary arts stories. The first documentary, a co-production with Unit 15 Productions for ITV Wales, followed young people making short films as an introduction to the film industry. The three-part mini-series aired at the end of 2005 with repeats throughout 2006. The first short film, The Things Unsaid followed later that year and gained the Company its Cannes Film Festival accreditation.


In 2008 the Company added music videos to its roster when it was contracted by Lani Records of London to produce the debut video for R&B artist Lankai. The video was subsequently featured on BEN Television's Woman's Hour programme, and broadcast across Europe and Northern Africa to the Middle East. The Company returned to the short film genre in 2011 with The Final Punchline and is currently developing the short film Mamie & Margot for production in spring 2014.


Today Seraphim Pictures concentrates on feature and short films. Our sister company Seraphim Entertainment is dedicated to the sale of English language films on the international market.

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