Mamie & Margot


"What to get for the girl who wants everything?"



A noir caper in which gangster Sonny Maraschino plans a jewellery heist to impress his girlfriend Mamie, only to find himself falling for French singer Margot L'amour.



Sonny Maraschino is an ambitious gangster and his girlfriend Mamie has ambitious tastes. Together they lead “The Maraschino Gang” to its first major robbery – taking out a bank in central Chicago. Whilst laying low plotting their next crime Sonny tries to impress Mamie by offering her anything she wants, and that “anything” comes with a high price tag. Their plan is to steal “The Stars of the South” - a set of French diamonds on display at the fictional Galerie de Bijoux in Paris. Their plan is to woo the French singer Margot L'amour who models the diamonds, and have her lead them to the Galerie and take part in the robbery. It is a plan that ultimately works backwards with Sonny falling in love with Margot. Feeling dejected, a jealous Mamie sees a rift forming between her and Sonny that will have disastrous consequences.

Much of the story is told from the detention cells at a Paris police station as Inspecteurs Beauregard and Rochefort question the criminals following the robbery and their arrest days later. The location of the diamonds is unknown: both Sonny and Mamie deny having anything to do with the theft, whilst Margot's testimony implicates both of them. It is a seemingly open-and-shut case for the inspectors until Margot returns to the police station with a gun. With Sonny and Margot on the run Inspecteur Beauregard turns to the vengeful Mamie for help, yet she has her own angry agenda...









Filming: Spring 2014

Genre: Film Noir, Gangster

Running Time: Approx 25 mins



Directed By: T.B.C.

Written By: Daniel Lyddon

Starring: T.B.C.


© 2011 Seraphim Pictures